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Mike has worked as a producer on a variety of projects over the last 10 years. Recent work includes the sultry Alicia Gianni produced with Grammy winning Dan Workman, and rootsy/folk artist Craig Kinsey on multiple releases (with The Burdener named one of the “12 best Texas Albums” of the year by the Houston Chronicle along with Willie Nelson and Hayes Carll). Other co-production work has included original musical theatre compositions, pop collaborations, rock bands, gypsy jazz ensembles, esoteric outsider art, and funk in the outfit ‘Vibe Committee’ recorded with Grammy winning engineer Steve Christenson.

August 2014 marked the release of Trio, a full length jazz release featuring new arrangements of jazz standards.

Projects are mixed and mastered on a Pro Tools/UAD Apollo system through Neumann Monitors, while tracking runs through Universal Audio Pre-Amps using a variety of microphones.


Music Release Credits:


Don’t Forget To Say Goodnight, Alicia Gianni (Producer/Guitar and Percussion Performance) -





The Nylon Sessions, Craig Kinsey (Performer/Mastering) / Splice Records




Trio, Mike Whitebread  (Performer/Arranger/Producer/Mixing/Mastering)

Mike Whitebread Trio Art smaller


American Roots and Machines, Craig Kinsey (Producer/Guitar and Piano Performance/Mastering)





Stations of the Cross, Mike Whitebread (Composer/Performer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering):

Stations Of The Cross - 14 Vignettes _ Small


Mariela Maya (Composer/Performer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering)

maya copy


Previous Releases:


The Burdener, Craig Kinsey (Producer/Guitar, Piano, and Bass Performance)

The Burdener


I Am Mesmer, I Am Mesmer (Performer)

listenlisten CD release I Am Mesmer


Flavor, Vibe Committee (Producer/Guitar Performance)



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